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Be Intentional!

Intention (n.) an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

Hey, hey can you believe it's 2023 already?! How are you? It has officially been 3 years since COVID and the world is still not back to normal. Although we cannot control what happens with this virus, we can control our mental. What do I mean by that? Well, each year I set a theme for the year to remind me of my goals for the year. I'm sure you know by now that the theme for 2023 is Intention.

How can you set your intention? Here is what I am doing to be intentional all 2023.

  • Create a plan. I divide the year into quarters. The first quarter is January - March and I set reasonable goals to reach by journaling. I write the list on a whiteboard that I check daily to ensure that I am on track.

  • Write. I write down when I am able to complete my tasks and when I am unable to complete my tasks. I allow myself grace and add the unfinished task to the following day.

  • Time Management. When it is time to complete the task I set a timer for completion to make sure that I do not spend too much time on something that will prevent me from completing other tasks.

  • Record Keeping. Finally I assess monthly what I was able to accomplish and reassess my goals.

What will you be intentional about this year? Join me in my quest to be more intentional. Follow me and check in with your progress. I would love to hear if this works for you as you plan for your year. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Take Care my Friends!

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