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Welfare Check!

Hey, hey it's welfare check time!! How is everyone? It has officially been 2 years since COVID, do you have a working plan in place yet? As I have shared in a previous blog post, my county that I live in does not support virtual schooling. So my 3 children are all in school in person. We have a system now so they know to continue to wear their masks all day and come straight home and wash their hands. Every few months we all get COVID tests to ensure that we are not positive. We wash our hands frequently throughout the day as well. We constantly wash our face masks to ensure that we keep them clean too. Other than that when they go outside to play we allow them to play with their friends from school and fortunately none of them have tested positive for COVID. My family has also made the decision to all get vaccinated, those who are of age to do so.

What have you and your family done to take extra precautions in light of COVID? Have you decided whether you will travel for the holidays or will you stay in and participate virtually? Travel is open again and there is no longer social distancing on the plane. Keep that in mind when traveling with children. I encourage outdoor activities and that all precautions of frequent hand washing and masking in heavily populated areas be taken while traveling.

What we haven't addressed in this post is our mental state of mind. What I have learned from this pandemic is that we are all NOT mentally ok! Therapy is there for those of us who need to speak with someone about what is going on. I do not know the statistics for suicide in young children but I know that I have heard a lot more in my adult life about children that are looking to end their lives for one reason or another. As young as 9 years old is what I have heard and that is truly sad to me. Affirmations are what I use to encourage my children to believe in themselves and not feel down and out. In addition to affirmations I also have conversations with them about their overall well-being and let them know how LOVED they are. As adults in this same pandemic we need to understand that we have more tools to deal with the stress than our children do. Allow them grace to deal with their emotions and shower them with LOVE!!

Please comment below and share with me what you and your family are doing and if you are ok.

Take Care my Friends!

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