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Mid-year check in

2020 is going to go down in history as a one of the most tumultuous years to date! This year started off with so many high hopes and goals of having "perfect vision" to start this decade off right. We were also told it would be the year of the nurse, now we know why. However, very early on we learned that this year had more to offer than what we bargained for. What initially began as an illness on the other side of the world, very quickly entered our country, community, families, and homes. We are still watching this story unfold since there are so many uncertainties when it comes to how to deal with the disease. As a cure and containment are still far off, we try to be careful and obey the reasonable rules set in place by the local authorities. Sometimes though we have to use our own discretion when it comes to going out in public with other people.

More recently, we have now had to endure yet another recorded murder of an unarmed African American, and the recourse has been violent riots taking place across the country. The general public has taken to setting fires to law enforcement property, breaking the windows of businesses, and even looting items from the same destroyed business'. All of these events have taken place before June. Can you imagine what the rest of the year has to offer? The mental state of our country is fragile to say the least. Between our children not being able to complete their school year, seniors not being able to graduate high school or college traditionally, parents not being able to return to work, and the elderly being told to social distance from their loved ones in addition to the general public, how can we not be on edge?!

I must admit that I am learning more about myself everyday. I have learned that I can live with a lot less than I thought. Those nail shop, hair salon, massage parlors, movie theatres, bowling alleys, gym visits and vacations turn out not to be 100% necessary. As a huge advocate of self-care, I am aware of the need to take care of my personal needs but I simply took care of my minor needs myself. I learned to be content with what I had to work with and take care of my families minor needs as well. I gave my husband and children pedicures the best I could, lol.

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