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Back to School Already?!

I cannot believe that Summer is over for children in Atlanta. Every year I dread sending my children back to school in the middle of the summer. It is just too hot! However, we do have to follow the rules, so back to school they go. This month I will share tips on how to maximize the final summer months without completely ending the summer for your children.

Tip #1

Check your local county for COVID protocol and see if virtual learning is still an option. If it is, sign your children up for both virtual and in person learning. This will allow your family to still take one last trip before the summer ends.

*If you select this option, make sure your children log in for class to avoid tardies or absences.

Tip #2

Allow your children to go to the pool after school. Most pools stay open until Labor Day, so continue to enjoy the pool while you still can.

Tip #3

On the weekends take your children to Six Flags, White Water, or another amusement park. This will continue to allow them to enjoy Summer activities even though school is in session.

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