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My FAVORITE season of all! There is something about the crisp morning air, long sleeves and boots that just bring me so much joy. Not to mention the foods of the season, apples, pumpkin, squash, hot cider, hot chocolate and all of the warmth that comes with. Most days of the week I go for at least a 1 mile run. The air quality is so refreshing this time of year that I wish the season lasted longer.

Now that the outside temperature is cooling off in the mornings and during the night, it's a good time to make sure that our homes are insulated adequately and our heating units work. Whether your home operates on gas, electric or propane, now is the time to ensure that there will be no "hiccups" for the upcoming colder weather. Schedule whatever maintenance services or just a routine check up to avoid any set backs that can cause discomfort to you and your family.

Do you have any traditions that you and your family start now? Are you looking for ideas?

Here are a few that you can check to see if your city has to offer:

  1. Go Apple picking

  2. Visit a pumpkin patch

  3. Tour a Botanical Garden

  4. Explore Hiking trails

  5. Visit a Winery

  6. Enjoy an outdoor concert or music festival

  7. Visit your Alma Mater Football Game (High School or College)

  8. Visit an Art exhibit

  9. See a Broadway show

Whatever you and your family decide to do make sure you have fun. If you have children, you can do activities that don't cost you anything! Camp out in your back yard or at a national park in your city. Rent a projector and make s'mores at an open fire pit. There are infinite possibilities. Take a picture while you're enjoying each other and share with me. We must keep each other encouraged!

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