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What Have You Learned So Far?

This Covid-19 aka Corona Virus, has really caused us all to step back and take a look at our priorities. Whether you know someone that has personally been affected by it or not, we ALL have been affected by it!

If you have children, then school closures have definitely had an impact. If you have no children, your job has also taken some kind of loss or change to their schedule. For years my family and other people I know, have been preparing a disaster awareness bag. Not because we knew this was coming, but because you can never be too prepared. The climate of this world has been progressively changing for some years now. Between the natural disasters and now this virus outbreak it's not a bad idea to have a bag ready to just grab in an emergent situation that includes essentials like: tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, sweater, blanket,

water, change of clothes, under garments, socks, non-perishable foods, sanitary napkins, batteries, flashlights, portable charger, battery operated radio and first-aid kit. Will your family be ready if a disaster strikes?

Government assistance can only take us so far. We must be diligent in saving and preparing for the unknown.

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