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Virtual Living

Who else is over all of this virtual communicating? ✋🏽 Although we are tired of all of this virtual communication, it appears it is our new way of socializing. I have seen large crowd gatherings but I am still uncomfortable with the idea that people are still consistently falling ill to COVID-19 and losing their lives. Although I do know quite a few people who have been infected with the disease and are doing just fine now, I just DO NOT want to chance infecting my children, parents or anyone else that I love.

Let's stay safe and continue to stay encouraged. One recommendation I have is that we continue to connect with our families through video conference. It helps break up the monotony of everything being business all the time. The good thing is, now that we have all had to use this outlet we should ALL be professionals at it. LOL Try it, I'm sure you can get your grandmother on a virtual call now and it not seem so out of the way. I must admit, my grandmother has been on Facebook for quite some time and she uses Marco Polo (a video messaging app), and she even FaceTimes using her iPhone. Before you start to wonder, she is upwards of 80 so if she can do it, so can YOU! So let's not dwell on the fact that life as we know it is forever changed, but let's embrace it and use it to our advantage!

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