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Springtime is Here!

Spring is in the air. It's time to Spring Clean everything in our lives! You may choose to start with self by doing a detox. Or you may start with your home. No matter where you start the goal is that you start!

Here are some reminders to help you figure out where to start (Home):

  1. Change your closet and drawers from Winter to Spring. (Don't get rid of all long sleeves there still may be some cool days or nights)

  2. Wash your base boards

  3. Dust your blinds

  4. Wipe down all bannisters (If you have stairs)

  5. Change your bedding to a light Spring Color and wash your Winter Bedding*

  6. Change your towel décor in your restrooms to light airy colors*

A body detox will be good to do now because of the extra winter pounds we all tend to put on. Between being inside the home and cooking warm feel good foods we can't help but have gained a little weight. One detox that I have tried in the past was the Master Cleanse ( Another detox is a small business owner SoNatural Fitness (

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