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Pools Are Open!

Who doesn't enjoy a nice refreshing drink poolside on a sunny day? I sure do! As the world opens up and more people become vaccinated, get ready to see more people letting their guard down. As you enjoy outdoor activities in the heat, be mindful to ALWAYS use sunblock. Follow the guidelines that inform you of how often to reapply while outdoors. Hydration is also extremely important to avoid getting dehydrated.

Travel is still an option if you would like a change of scenery. See last months blog for tips on how to choose a vacation spot.

Still not comfortable traveling?

Find some local outdoor activities to engage in. Hiking, state parks, water parks, staycation at a local hotel, or even backyard fun with water and games. You would be surprised by all of the things you can do that you may not have considered before. Think back to a simpler time in your childhood when everything didn't have to be so serious and you had fun just running or riding a bike. We can still enjoy those things. Share with me below what you plan to do this summer.

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