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Love Never Fails.

On Friday May 17th-19th I attended an International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. The entire experience was breathtaking and unbelievable. There were people who came from Paris, the Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Hawaii and the list goes on! The event was held at Mercedes Benz Stadium and on Day 1 I really don't think their staff was fully prepared for the crowd that showed up. With an attendance of over 30,000 people there just were not enough employees at the gate to check bags and grant entry. However, by Day 2 the staff seemed to have increased their coverage as the wait time to enter decreased and more gates were available for entry.

As the days went on, the crowds increased ending the final day with close to 50,000 people! Although there were large crowds, there was no pushing or shoving. We were instructed to take MARTA to get there and there were volunteers at every train station. On Day 1 there were only Jehovah's Witness Volunteers, but by Day 2 there were at least 4-5 MARTA employees assisting in the directing of the large crowds and where they needed to go.

Once you safely made it through the gate, Smiling faces were there to offer you a cold drink of water after standing in the hot sun to enter the building. The information was just as impressive as the rest of the experience. The bible was used to instruct us all on how to show love in all we do at all times.

Overall, everything was so organized and a pleasure to experience. There won't be another International Convention in Atlanta this year but if you are able to attend next year's Convention, it will be an experience that you will never forget!

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