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Listen to Your Body

So often we find that our body gives us signals that we ignore. Have you ever felt so tired that you just could not do anything else? That happens when you work your body to its breaking point. Although our bodies were designed to withstand A LOT! We can only get out what we put in. What are you feeding yourself? Not just eating, what are you feeding your mind as well?

Try saying affirmations that encourage you to be your best self. Self love is so often overlooked and under valued. If affirmations are something that you are not used to saying, it may seem a little silly at first. But, the more you do it the more comfortable you will feel motivating yourself. If you need help starting, reach out to me and I will be your accountability partner. Start with these: I am strong, I am resilient, I am amazing, I will be ok, Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals, I got this! (Just to name a few)

Did you know that March is National Women's Day? Let's start a new trend of supporting each other. I remember growing up it seemed to me that the girls were always competing for attention and often not supporting each other's ideas. Imagine how strong we could be if we supported each other as innovative as we are. Find a woman whose business you can support and shoutout this month. We are stronger together! 💪🏽

We as women are so powerful when we work together. Let's show them that we can.

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