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Life is a Trip...

So, let's recap 2021 for a minute. As if 2020 wasn't enough for the entire world to have to deal with, 2021 has been an initial "proceed with caution" situation that later turned into a 2020 reboot! Just as we were starting to move about a little bit and accept our new normal of taking extra precautions, carrying our own disinfectant cleaners, washing our hands more frequently and taking our kids to more public events the pandemic picked up its momentum.

Once the vaccine was released and started being administered to more and more of the population, we kind of thought things would calm down especially in the summer months since we were told that the virus would have a season like the flu we are all used to. Instead the virus has mutated into a more contagious strand that seems to be especially fond of young children just as school is set to start back in session. As a mother I have had my reservations about my children returning to school after opting for virtual instruction all 2020, but the decision became crystal clear to me when we arrived at the school for the first full week and the administration staff was handing out emergent notifications that the county was on level 2 for COVID precautions. Day 2 of week one the level then escalated to 4 and guess what the highest level is? Level 5! To add insult to injury, I received an email from both the elementary and high school that my children attend, stating that positive COVID cases have been confirmed. Needless to say I immediately went and checked everyone out. Upon checkout I was not even allowed to enter the building. I rang a bell, was asked my name and my children's names and told to show my ID to the camera attached to the bell. Shortly thereafter, my children were sent outside.

I don't know about you but that's enough for me. Unfortunately, my county does not offer a "virtual" option so I had to take matters into my own hands. The process however has not been easy.

Finding an available COVID testing site was a challenge and registering them all for a new school has also been challenging. We are currently still going through the process and it is exhausting. Regardless of the challenge however, I will continue to protect my children to the best of my ability. No one knows if or when the world circumstance will change so all we can do is roll with the punches. If you are a parent who doesn't have a choice but to send your child(ren) to school, please make sure that they are wearing their masks, washing their hands, and distancing themselves from others as much as possible. We will make it through this tough time that we are all having to deal with. We must keep each other encouraged!

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