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Farewell 2019

I cannot believe that we are in the final stretch of 2019!! As I think back to all my accomplishments this year I must say that I am proud of myself.

I have:

Written a book

Started a business

Watched my 14 year olds t-shirt business grow

Obtained new clients for website building

Taken classes for business building

Sold my home

Built new business relationships

... to name a few

The biggest lessons that I have learned is to:

Always have a plan

Never bite off more than you can chew

Customer/Client service is extremely important

People will always remember how you make them feel

Think about how you would like to be treated as the customer/client when dealing with others

Not everyone will support your process or your journey, keep going anyway

Always stop and smell the roses (make time to enjoy life in between work)

Document your progress and set goals

... to name a few


My main focus for this month is to Live Purposefully and with intention. Consistency is key for progress so prepare to receive a lot of intentional content this month!

Please share with me your goals for this month and how you plan on starting 2020.

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