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Fall is Near!

I just love the brisk air of the fall. The sweaters, the boots, the jeans, the hot chocolate and coffee, I'm here for it all! We are approaching the end of the 3rd quarter for the year and it's time to check ourselves to see if we're on track. I know that things come up and you may have deviated from your original plan, but it's time to get re-focused.

Computer, phone, plant life, book, headphones. Business essentials.

Follow these 3 tips to realign yourself with your goals:

1. Review. Go back to your original plans for the year and see which plans are still reasonable for you to accomplish. (For example if you planned to open a store front and you don't even have a location yet, realistically the store won't be open in the 3rd quarter. On the other hand, if you planned to revamp your website, that is realistic for you still to be able to accomplish this quarter)

2. Map it out. Now take those plans that we discussed in the 1st tip and devise your plan to complete ONE of them this month. Write down all the steps you will need to accomplish the task for that ONE goal still within your reach. It's easier to work on your goals one at time so that you won't feel overwhelmed.

3. Implement. Whichever goal you decided to work on, now schedule the days and times that you will devote to completing the plan. Then set reminders in your phone for you to stay on task. Down to how many hours you will spend each day. (For example, on Mondays at 10 am for 2 hours you will work on your website)

*Repeat this process for another reachable goal once you complete this one, until you see your goals being checked off your list.

Try these tips and let me know how they work for you.

"Business women are changing. We build empires. We make money from our phone. We change the world with wifi." ~bossbabe

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