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Happy, sad, angry, confused, overwhelmed, distraught, excited, disappointed, bewildered and the list can go on. At some time in our lives all of us have experienced one of these emotions, maybe even more than one at the same time! I want to talk about the importance of allowing yourself to feel your emotions.

In my personal experience, ignoring your emotions do not help you at all. All it does is delay your feelings for a later time. Instead of ignoring my emotions, I now sit with them as they arise. What do I mean "sit with them"? Let's say I wake up feeling sad, instead of telling myself I need to snap out of it, I try to figure out why I am feeling sad. Did I have a rough night last night? Do I have a lot on my mind? Is this the anniversary of a loved ones death? Did something tragic happen to me around this time of my life in the past? Once I stop to think and feel then I am able to push through, address the sadness and move forward with my day.

No one can tell you that your feelings are valid or invalid. They can either support you or leave you alone. It may sound harsh to some people but the reality of it is only you know what it feels like to be you, so DO YOU Unapologetically!

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